The Manomanouche project was created in 2001 following the meeting of musicians with different professional backgrounds. The aim of the project is the spread of the culture and the traditional music of manouche gypsies to a wider audience. National and international artists collaborate now on this project.

Within a few years Manomanouche has become renewed in the Jazz Festival environments for the quality of its research, and for its artistic sensibility. Its intense activity is a chance to combine musicians' personal styles, and the traditional gypsy roots, source of their inspiration. Indeed, the essence of Manomanouche has been always characterised by a personal and original effort on the research of the sound.

Manomanouche proposes a music based on improvisation, open to influences, which derives mainly from the combination of swing, tsigane folklore, and Italian melody. The repertoire ranges Django Reinhardt's re-arranged tracks, throught standards, to brand new compositions. The concerts have an immediate impact on the public, and are completely performed with acoustic instruments.

All the musicians are at the moment engaged in the European Tour with Paolo Conte (Royal Albert Hall London, Gran Rex Paris, Montreux Jazz Festival, Carrè Amsterdam...)

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